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What does Louisville's postseason ban mean for the BIG EAST?

While the Cardinals have moved on to a new conference, their actions today have an impact on their old conference.

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Louisville Cardinals announced they would be self-imposing a postseason ban on Friday afternoon, following allegations of multiple NCAA violations.

The Cardinals' postseason ban, unlike previous bans we have seen in the mid-season recently (Syracuse and Missouri, for example), will actually impact the NCAA Tournament field. The Cardinals are currently 19-4 and ranked #19 in the AP Poll.

This means, an at-large bid has opened up. For at least three Big East teams, this is very good news.


Everyone knows the Bulldogs' story by this point. A strong nonconference slate with wins over Cincinnati and Purdue has been bogged down by a sluggish first half of BIG EAST play.

The Bulldogs currently sit at 15-7 (4-6), and are in the Last Four In, according to SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean, or, according to ESPN's Joe Lunardi, the Bulldogs are currently the first team in the First Four Out.

No much changes for the Bulldogs if Dobbertean's bracket holds true to form, but if we are to believe Lunardi's, Butler goes from being the first team of the First Four Out to the last team of the Last Four In, where they'd face Syracuse in Dayton.

Seton Hall

The Pirates, like Butler, are widely regarded as a bubble team at the moment.

Seton Hall has impressed so far in BIG EAST play at 6-4, but a relatively tepid nonconference slate has many skeptical about their postseason hopes.

Dobbertean has them avoiding Dayton, as the last 11 seed, thus the last seed to earn a bye. With today's news, every team below Louisville should move up one slot, so Seton Hall would be afforded some breathing room.

Lunardi, on the other hand, has the Pirates in the Last Four In right now, as the third team. With Louisville out of the picture, Seton Hall jumps up a spot to the second team in the Last Four In, squeaking closer to avoiding playing in Dayton.


Finally, we get to the Georgetown Hoyas. The Hoyas currently sit at 13-10 (6-4), and took nonconference losses to Radford and UNC-Asheville.

However, their conference wins over Wisconsin and Syracuse look better and better as Big Ten and ACC play roll on.

Dobbertean and Lunardi both currently have the Hoyas as the first team in the Next Four Out category. This news would ideally move them to the last spot in the First Four Out category instead.