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Edmond Sumner needs to add a jumpshot to make Xavier even more effective

Welcome to The Morning Fast Break, your daily source for all things Big East.

NCAA Basketball: Utah at Xavier Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

We’re a little light on the dosage today, but isn’t that a good way to start our week together, BECB-ers?

Welcome to the Monday edition of The Morning Fast Break. It’s finals week for most, so hoops is slow this week. Tonight Seton Hall is in action at The Garden, and we’ll have more on that later. Plus, the Big East Player/Freshman of the Week honors will be issued out soon and the next edition of The Big East Coast Podcast is on the docket.

What we’re trying to say is today will be fun. Stay tuned!

Well, at least the MU women beat Wisconsin (Anonymous Eagle)

The Golden Eagles were able to beat the Badgers on the hardwood at least once this weekend.

Sumner needs to add a jumper (Banners on the Parkway)

The sophomore point guard has been struggling of late from the field, and to make Xavier more lethal, Edmond needs to certainly work on his jumpshot.

Should we embrace the Friars? This writer says... yes (Friar Basketball)

Providence has been playing extremely well so far this year, and it’s high time we take notice.

Actually, we’re a wrestling and baseball blog

- Is a hero returning?

- ‘The Book Man’ is running for Mayor of Houston in 4 years. Can you dig that?

- The White Sox are tearing it all down

- It’s not entirely over for the Cards after signing Fowler