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St. John's vs. Providence halftime notes

After falling behind early, Providence has rumbled their way into the half with a lead.

Thomas Joseph-USA TODAY Sports

After 20 minutes of play, Providence College leads St. John's to the tune of 43-31. St. John's, who maintained an 18-111 lead over the Friars at the 13:03 mark of the first half, were thumped with a 32-13 run in the final 13 minutes of play.

Despite poor shooting at the free throw line - just 54.6 percent of 11 attempts converted - Providence has hit the 40-point threshold after the first 20 minutes. PC is scoring 1.132 points per possession and engineered their comeback off the play of Kris Dunn, Rodney Bullock and Kyron Cartwright.

The trio has 31 of Providence's 43 points after one half of play and have shot a combined 12-for-19 from the field. Bullock leads with 11 points of his own while Dunn and Cartwright each have 10.

St. John's took their lumps as the half wore on as one might have expected. The Johnnies are shooting just 2-for-8 from the perimeter and 13-for-33 from the field after one half of play. Amar Alibegovic, Felix Balamou and Yankuba Sima each have six points to lead the way but no other player on the Red Storm has more than four.

They aren't committing turnovers at a high clip - just 17.9 percent of the time so far on 39 possessions - they just cannot seem to get any stops. The Red Storm have a points per possession mark of just 0.795 after the first 20 minutes.