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The Fast Break: August 8, 2015

No Big East news to speak of but the transition game continues on.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Watch D'Angelo Russell hit a behind-the-back half court shot - Land-Grant Holy Land

The former Ohio State standout made magic happen at an NBA Rookies function (which included the NBA's class of 2015's photo shoot and activities involving local youth and fans).

Blazers fans reduced to rapping about Meyers Leonard in new song - SB Nation

Look Portland, we understand it's been a rough summer. LaMarcus Aldridge signed with the Spurs, Wes Matthews signed with the Mavericks, Robin Lopez signed with the Knicks, and Nicolas Batum got traded to Charlotte. Meanwhile, Portland's biggest addition this off-season was...Al-Farouq Aminu.

So we get it. You're in a bad place right now. Still, rapping about Meyers Leonard (described in this song as a "Giant Justin Bieber lookalike, but much better") won't magically make the team a playoff contender next season.

The Premier League returns with a ton of goals and fans freaking out - SB Nation

The Premier League came back with a vengeance on Saturday, producing 20 goals in six games. It's only Week 1, but some fans are already mashing the panic button after a bad performance. Here's what we saw on the first day of action in England.

Washington, Texans brawl during training camp practice - SB Nation

Washington and the Houston Texans are having a joint practice in Richmond, VA, today, and things are, uh, not going well.

Soccer team scores on accident after injury, lets opponent equalize on purpose - SB Nation

Often in soccer when a player goes down injured, a team will play the ball out of bounds to allow the injured player to receive medical treatment. Once everything is taken care of, the opposing team plays the ball back out of sportsmanship. That's exactly what this Doncaster Rovers player was trying to do here.