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Let's get to know Tim Delaney

Apologies to the rest of the Big East, but Jalen Brunson isn't the only talented freshman strapping on a Villanova uniform this season.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been following Villanova's recruiting exploits this past year, you may have heard of a certain fellow named Jalen Brunson. He of the glowing reviews from scouts from sea to shining sea. For most teams, getting a guy like Brunson would be the peak of their recruiting history and likely the only additional piece that would matter for the upcoming season.

Well Villanova is not just any program, just like Jay Wright isn't just any other suave, impeccable-suit-wearing coach. Joining Brunson in the very strong freshman class for Villanova this year is Tim Delaney, who wasted no time in signing on with the Wildcats. His signature on his National Letter of Intent was still drying before the first day of the 2015 signing period started last winter, as he followed through on the commitment he had made to the school 18 months earlier.

Delaney is a local boy, having played at Blair Academy and Pitman High, both in New Jersey. He won a state title at Pitman, but transferred to Blair for his senior season, which featured a few more bumps and bruises than one might want. Still, he maintained his status as a  top recruit in the region and the nation overall. The 6-foot-9 power forward is a 3-star recruit according to 247 Sports and a 4-star recruit according to ESPN. He spurned advances from Butler, La Salle, St. Joseph's and even Oregon State to play ball with the Wildcats.

How exactly will Delaney fit in at Villanova? Based on his skill set and size, the answer is perfectly. There is already a space opening up in the front court rotation this season with the graduation of JayVaughn Pinkston, so he may actually see more time than expected for a freshman that lacks the star power of Brunson. Additionally, he fits a real need for the Wildcats, who don't have any tremendous front court scorers. Daniel Ochefu is poised for a big year, but his contributions are most valuable on the glass and defensively. Delaney, who has excellent range with his jumper, could be a nice scoring threat with size and one that should fit smoothly into Wright's offfense. Villanova fans everywhere should start day dreaming about the type of pick and pop sets Brunson and Delaney could run together.

As Blair Academy coach Joe Mantegna told our friends over at VUHoops: "(Tim)'s learned to guard big guys on defense, but then he can also take those big bodies away from the hoop and pick and pop and make 3-pointers on offense."

But what are all these words worth when you can use those eyeballs to examine his play on video?

While Brunson is (deservedly) getting all the national attention, look for Delaney to be a formidable player for the Wildcats in the years to come.