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Big East Baseball Power Rankings

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We're nearing the end of the conference season. Games have been played, dingers have been hit and pitchers have recorded a litany of K's. Who rounds out the top four this week? Find out here!

Alex Sindelar

1. St. John's (28-14, 11-3 No. 66 RPI)

St. John's achieves the top slot this week after sweeping Georgetown, making them a lock for the Big East Tournament. Here's how their schedule looks for the upcoming week:

05/05/2015 - Albany (13-22 No. 253 RPI)

05/06/2015 - @ Marist (14-23-1 No. 249 RPI) - Cancelled due to finals and studious endeavors

05/08-05/10/2015 - Xavier* (13-33, 2-10 No. 218 RPI) - Friday's game will air on ESPN3, Saturday's game will air on CBS Sports Network.

2. Creighton (27-14, 10-4 No. 59 RPI)

The Bluejays dropped Game 1 of their weekend set to Seton Hall, putting them in the second slot for Big East play. Their schedule for the week ahead can be seen below.

05/08-05/10/2015 - Nevada (38-12, No. 45 RPI)

05/12/2015 - Arkansas (29-18, No. 38 RPI)

3. Seton Hall (21-20, 6-6 No. 168 RPI)

Seton Hall wasn't able to make up a whole lot of ground on St. John's and Creighton, but they did manage to steal a game from the Bluejays and look to pave their way to Omaha for the Big East Tournament. They stand alone at number 3 this week with their upcoming schedule looking a little something like this:

05/08 & 05/09/2015 - @ Villanova* (19-23, 5-7 No. 263 RPI) - A doubleheader will be played on Saturday to allow the student athletes of both academic institutions ample time to study and pass their finals in their respective classes. The Big East is a savvy conference that understands that students don't study on Saturdays and are only distracted for an hour on Sundays for Game of Thrones.

4. Georgetown (22-22, 5-7 No. 170 RPI)

Getting swept by St. John's is never fun, but the Hoya baseball schedule can be seen below if you continue scrolling.

05/08-05/10/2015 - Butler* (18-27, 5-7 No. 224 RPI)

05/12/2015 - @ UMBC (25-16 No. 139 RPI)

5. Butler (18-27, 5-7 No. 224 RPI)

The dinger kings of Indy won the series against 'Nova, but their battle to reach Omaha reaches it's climax with a 3-game series against Georgetown. Their schedule can be seen if you hit the 'down' arrow on your keyboard a few times.

05/06/2015 - Dayton (13-32 No. 290 RPI)

05/08-05/10/2015 - @ Georgetown* (22-22, 5-7 No. 170 RPI)

6. Villanova (19-23, 5-7 No. 263 RPI)

The Wildcats will need to get things going against the upcoming foes on their schedule. Who will they face? Continue reading to find out!

05/08 & 05/09 Seton Hall* (21-20, 6-6 No. 168 RPI) - Doubleheader on Saturday to allow book readings and note study on Sunday.

7. Xavier Musketeers (13-33, 2-10 No. 218 RPI)

Bottom of the barrel, yet still a ray of hope - though they'll have to sweep the top team in the Big East to make it happen.

05/08-05/10 @ St. John's* (28-14, 11-3 No. 66 RPI) - Friday's game will be available on ESPN3 while Saturday's game will be available on CBS Sports Net.