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(4) Villanova vs. Creighton: Halftime Notes

Well, that first half was certainly unexpected. And ugly. Creighton leads 30-29.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Wildcats played like absolute garbage and are still only down by four points. That speaks both to how good they are, and how bad Creighton is.
  • Ryan Arcidiacono has been the saving grace for the Wildcats with 10 points.
  • JayVaughn Pinkston and Darrun Hilliard are a combined 0-7 for 0 points.


  • I'm not sure the Bluejays could have asked for a better half than that. I'm also not sure the Bluejays aren't still going to lose this game by double-digits.
  • James Milliken has nine points including two 3's
  • Will Artino leads the team in rebounding with five.