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Living in Enemy Territory: A chat with a Badger fan from Milwaukee

What's it like being a Wisconsin fan living in Marquette territory? We talked to one and found out!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Marquette will look to extend their winning streak to seven games later today when they trek into the Kohl Center to take on arch rival Wisconsin in Madison. The Badgers are reeling off a loss to in-state foe UW-Milwaukee earlier this week, showcasing that there are a little bit of growing pains as Wisconsin adjusts to life without the likes of Sam Dekker, Frank Kaminsky and Traevon Jackson among others.

Leading up to this matchup, we decided to reach out to fans -- or in this case, a fan - of both the Golden Eagles and Badgers. There's a catch though! We weren't looking for Badger fans who live in Madison or Golden Eagle fans who live in Milwaukee. Oh no. Instead, we decided to search for Wisconsin fans who reside in the 414 and Marquette fans who inhabit in the state capital.

We'll be talking to the one Badger fan we successfully sought after here in this post: Alex. Alex is a bartender residing in Milwaukee. You can follow her on Twitter if you choose to. That is if you're interested in dog pictures, #BaseballTwitter and Wisconsin sports. Who isn't, really?

So, on we go.

How long have you been a Badger fan?

Born and raised a Badger fan (27 years).

How often would you say you deal with opposing fans?

I do have a rooting interest for both teams, since my dad graduated from Marquette. I bartend in the city only a few miles from the Marquette campus so I serve students quite frequently. They really enjoy pre-gaming, post-gaming, all kinds of gaming where alcohol is involved.

In your opinion, what's the worst thing about the fanbase you oppose?

I knew a lot of Marquette fans who would root for the team playing AGAINST the Badgers during their March Madness streak earlier this year. I know that's their prerogative but it really ticked me off, especially when they weren't even in the tournament.

Describe the worst experience you've ever had with opposing fans

What happens at the bar, stays at the bar.

Finally, describe your opposing fanbase in one word