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Halftime Notes: IUPUI 29 Creighton 40

IUPUI isn't very good. Creighton is banged up and injured. Lets see how this plays out.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Creighton is dealing with a lot of injures. Groselle rolled his ankle against Nebraska, Martin Krampelj hurt his knee in practice, Cole Huff banged up his shoulder against Loyola. On the surface it'd be hard not to dismiss the Bluejays while they attempt to recover in time for their matchup against a really good Oklahoma team next Saturday, but the Bluejays have a lot of depth on their bench.

In the first half against IUPUI, Creighton played a brilliant zone defense against the Jaguars. The passing lanes were heavily guarded, leaving IUPUI empty on their offensive sets. Meanwhile, Creighton has been able to get into a good offensive rhythm, with Zierden getting hot from 3 and Khryi being his usual consistent self. The Bluejays have been able to drive and kick with relative ease, goading the Jaguars into leaving their assignments and getting burned by jumpers.

Other observations:

- IUPUI has had a lot of trouble avoiding foul trouble. Creighton's offense is just too fast and aggressive.

- It appears as if Creighton is getting back to their regular selves since their awful game against Loyola.

- Creighton's students must be studying today since they decided not to show up to the basketball game.

- I'm excited to see Khyri Thomas play defense on Kris Dunn when conference play rolls around. That's going to be so much fun.

- Groselle having a rough go at playing today. He's clearly still feeling the ankle injury from the Nebraska game. Can't jump or slash.

- Bizarre way to end the half as Combs drove the length of the court, got fouled as he put up a layup as time expired. Made the free throw to dig into Creighton's lead just a smidge.

Creighton leaders:

Scoring: Thomas, Zierden - 8

Assists: Watson - 4

Rebounds: Thomas, Hegner, Hanson - 4

IUPUI leaders:

Scoring: Combs - 15

Assists: Pickett, Combs, Barksdale - 1

Rebounds: Henderson - 4