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Day 2 Recap of Kenner League

DevonTe Brooks catches you up with all the latest from the second day of Kenner League action for the Georgetown Hoyas.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

With Saturday's action behind us, Sunday brought the second day of Kenner League play for the Georgetown Hoyas into the fold. Here is my recap of Day 1, and below are my observations about Day 2:

Tre Campbell

On Day 2 of Kenner League play, it was a different story for Tre Campbell. This was due in large part because spent most of his time on the floor attacking the basket. On day one, Campbell was settling for jumpshots, but on Sunday he came out swinging. He would finish with 12 points and shot 41.7 percent on 12 shots. But, they were good scoring chances for the most part, and he was not forcing it as much as he was on Saturday. For an incoming freshman, I would say that he played pretty well. And one thing I hope to see him do next weekend is shoot the ball more in the mid-range area because he has shown in the past that it's a good spot for him.

Paul White

Paul White did nothing to amaze people, but still managed to have a pretty decent showing on Sunday. The 6-foot-9 native of Chicago, Illinois finished with six points, four assists and three rebounds on the afternoon. For somebody of his skill, that is a pretty good stat line. Though White scored less than 10 points, he shot 60 percent from the field. Efficiency was something I was hoping White would have. And on Sunday, he delivered.

Trey Mourning

Trey Mourning was better on Day 2 than he was on Day 1, and for the most part was aggressive on both sides of the ball. He finished this weekend with nine points and shot 75 percent from the free throw line. Additionally, the big man grabbed seven rebounds, showing shades of the game that his father had in his time at Georgetown. Simply put, it was a good first two days for Mourning in most if not all facets.

Reggie Cameron

While Reggie Cameron struggled on the second day of Kenner League action, he did contribute in ways that he was not on the first day. There were two ways that Cameron made contributions. One way was guarding the perimeter, and the other was going down on the block. All things considered, it was a pretty good weekend for Cameron and his jump shot has markedly improved.

David Allen

Allen did not score as much as he did on Saturday, but still stayed true to form as he took several shots from beyond the 3-point arc. He really played well this weekend, and I hope Georgetown will utilize him as a role player, when needed.

Jabril Trawick

Jabril Trawick played very well on Saturday, and did not disappoint the Georgetown fans on Sunday either. Trawick was active on offense and defense, and should Georgetown get the Trawick that I have seen this weekend, then opposing teams are going to have problems containing him. The versatile Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native scored 31 points on Sunday afternoon, and had a sparkling 21 at halftime, finishing off a tremendous weekend of play.

Mikael Hopkins

Mikael Hopkins notched a double-double on Sunday, finishing with 19 points and 13 rebounds. One thing that stood out to me from Hopkins' play this weekend was his willingness to crash the boards. That really matches up with his body, but at the same time he is more of a power forward than a center. Luckily, this plays right into the Hoyas' hands, as they will need Hopkins at the power forward position this season in a big, big way.

D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera

Smith-Rivera, much to his chagrin, had a slow start to Day 2. While he did not have the stats that he did on the first day, he finished the game with 18 points - all coming in the second half. The Hoyas really need consistency, and D`Vauntes will need to improve on that as the summer months go on, as his sluggish start was a blemish on an otherwise good weekend.

Bradley Hayes

It was my first time seeing Bradley Hayes play. And on Sunday, his play progressed into an aggressive style that really caught my attention. He scored six points, having a bit of a bad start to the game, but displayed a good arsenal of post moves throughout. One move that he was trying to do was the hook shot that reminded me of Roy Hibbert, which is not a bad move to play off, and did succeed at it a few times. Elsewhere, Hayes added five rebounds and three blocks in a pretty decent showing.

Aaron Bowen

Finally, while Aaron Bowen did not have a good shooting day today, I am not worried about it as much as others are. Bowen did finish the game with 10 points and three rebounds and while efficiency was a problem, I think he will improve as Kenner League rolls along. Bowen should be an impact player for Georgetown this season, but just as I do with everyone else, I do want to see more from him.