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Best/Worst Case Scenario: Georgetown

Devonte Brooks is here to deliver the best and worst cases for the Georgetown Hoyas in 2014.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014-15 season set to begin in a few weeks, the Georgetown Hoyas are looking to rebound off of a devastatingly disappointing season in 2013. While the Villanova Wildcats look to be everyone's pick to win the conference, there is a chance that Georgetown can compete with the best in the Big East, and head back to the NCAA Tournament. With a solid recruiting class, and the return of Joshua Smith, a lot of good things can happen.

So here are, in my opinion, the best, and worst case scenarios for the Hoyas in 2014.

The best thing that can happen for Georgetown is that everyone stays healthy and do not have any academic problems. Injuries played a huge part in the Hoyas' lack of success in the 2013-14 campaign. Both of the leaders on this team will need to stay healthy, as Jabril Trawick and D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera will need to score in streches because at times the Hoyas go through a stretches where they can not find not a bucket. Georgetown's center Joshua Smith will need to produce as much as he did last year and dominate the paint, but the team really does not have positions.

In terms of the freshmen, L.J. Peak will average more than 15 points a game and he will be at the free throw line more than we expect. This is going out on the limb here, but he will be at the line almost as much as Trawick becasue both players have a knack for running the floor really well. The best case would be that every freshman on the team will average around 10 points a game, and that Isaac Copeland and Tre Campbell will do some exceptional things.

The worst thing that can happen for this team is that they do not exceed expectations, go on a long losing streak, or finish outside of the Top 5 in the conference. Jabrill Trawick has to be consistent and stay healthy to help lead with Smith-Rivera. The freshmen underperforming or, well, playing like average freshmen would is also a plausible scenario and could lead to cataclysmic results. The one that people should focus on the most is if they make it past the first round of the Big East Tournament and not go to the NIT, much like they fared a year ago.