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Week 5 Progress Report: Seton Hall Pirates

Should Seton Hall be happy or frustrated with how the first month of 2013-14 has gone? Well, actually, a little bit of both.

Maddie Meyer

Through the first seven games of the 2013-14 season, Seton Hall (4-3) has reason to be both elated and frustrated. And yes, that was supposed to rhyme.

Let’s start with the positive stuff—Sterling Gibbs and Fuquan Edwin.

Aside from Sunday’s dud against Fairleigh Dickinson, Gibbs has been a beast. After transferring from Texas, the sophomore guard has been Seton Hall’s best player with over 16 points, four assists and four boards a game. He shown poise beyond his years when handling the ball, and has mastered the ability to get to the free throw line—and knock ‘em down—effectively.

With the gleam of an NBA career in his eyes, Edwin has turned his game up a notch in the early stages of his senior season. Edwin has broken the 15-point barrier in four games this season, including an absolutely dominant 35-point (15-of-25 FG) performance in a heartbreaking loss to Mercer. Edwin is averaging over 15 points an outing while shooting over 42 percent from the field. As he continues to get scouts buzzing over his pro potential, Edwin is due for more explosions as the season unfolds.

Now, for the bad.

Seton Hall should be undefeated. When you add up their cumulative margin of defeat, it only comes to eight points—by average, the Pirates have lost by under three points in as many games this season.

It’s frustrating for head coach Kevin Willard, but also speaks volumes that SHU has been in a position to win every single game they have played this season.

The rest of their schedule is no joke, with games against Creighton, Villanova, Marquette, Georgetown, St. John’s and Butler slated in January. It’s going to take a strong December campaign to keep the Pirates afloat (pun intended) with a daunting stretch of games after the New Year.

All in all, Seton Hall is in a good place right now. Could they be in a better place? Sure; I’d go as far as to say that they should absolutely be in a better position than they are currently in. But with LUI Brooklyn, Rutgers and NJIT scheduled over the next two weeks, the Pirates could definitely rally for an impressive—and much-needed—winning streak.