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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Selection - Round Six - Maryland Terrapins

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We've completed six rounds of the summer SB Nation Conference Re-draft project and once again Conference TMZ (our conference name given the rather scandalous behavior of some of our selections) feels it got yet another steal, this time in drafting the Maryland Terrapins. Here's what we love about Maryland and feel like it was highway robbery to get them at this spot:

  • The Terps are a well balanced athletic department that excels in men's and women's sports across the board. They currently sit 16th in the Director's Cup standings. 
  • Maryland is 39th all-time in football wins. While there certainly have been some lean years in football, like the rest of our selections, the Terps have either won their conference or played in a BCS bowl game within the past decade, reaching the Orange Bowl after the 2001 season. They boast 11 ACC Championships and the 1953 national championship.
  • The Maryland basketball program has long been one of the nation's most consistently successful programs. Under the leadership of the now retired Gary Williams, the Terps have been a consistent postseason presence and Final Four contender, winning the national title in 2002. 
  • The athletic department is consistently profitable and the Washington DC television market is the 9th largest in the United States. Maryland also pulls in the Baltimore market which would make it even more desired. Were we building a conference a negotiating a television deal, it would be an enormous benefit. 
We're halfway home to reaching a solid conference of 12 and we feel we have a geographically diverse group that excels at multiple sports and would be compelling every week. So with six selections left, tell us who should be on our radar next and why. Oh, and go welcome Testudo Times to Conference TMZ.