The Big East Falls Apart

Report: The Big East Files Lawsuit Vs. TCU For $5 Million

The Big East is suing TCU to get its $5 million in damages for the school's decision to join the Big 12 instead of the Big East.

Pittsburgh Files Suit Against The Big East To Ensure 2013 Exit, Seeks Damages

Like seemingly everyone else, Pittsburgh filed suit against the Big East today seeking to guarantee its exit in 2013 and to get damages for lost ticket sales.

Big East Statement Confirms Resignation Of Commissioner John Marinatto

Here's the full text of the Big East statement confirming the resignation of commissioner John Marinatto.

Report: Big East Commissioner John Marinatto Resigns

Big East commissioner John Marinatto, with a new television deal needing to be negotiated and a new postseason format to be settled upon, has resigned.

Pitt Athletic Director On Paying Higher Amount To Leave Big East Early: 'NO'

Pittsburgh athletic director Steve Pederson was firm in his rejection of the idea that the Panthers will pay more than the $5 million Big East exit fee.

Big East Terminates West Virginia's Big East Membership As Settlement Is Reached

The Big East and West Virginia have settled their competing lawsuits and West Virginia's membership has been terminated, clearing its path for the Big 12 in 2012.

Big East Lawsuit Vs. West Virginia In Rhode Island Continued

The case between the Big East and West Virginia in Rhode Island has been continued to an unspecified date. Various reports say that the sides are working out a buyout amount for West Virginia to pay.

West Virginia Tells Florida State Of Intention To Cancel 2012 Game

Florida State released a statement on Feb. 4 about West Virginia's intention to cancel this season's football game.

Report: Louisville Still "Aggressively Pursuing" An Invitation To The Big 12

CBS' Brett McMurphy reports that if the Big 12 expands again, Louisville will be the first choice and that it is still aggressively pursuing that invitation.

Big 12 Now Likely To Delay Release Of 2012 Football Schedule

After insisting for weeks that it would release its football schedule by February 1, Dennis Dodd of CBS reports that it will be delayed. Did Chuck Neinas blink?


Chuck Neinas: Missouri Should Do What We Say, West Virginia Should Do What We Do

Big 12 interim Commissioner Chuck Neinas recently had some hilariously hypocritical things to say about West Virginia and Missouri.

Conference Realignment - Big 12 To Discuss Further Expansion, Louisville A Possible Target

The Big 12 expansion committee will meet today to discuss further expansion and two targets are clearly in mind: Louisville and BYU.

Lawyers Expect The Big East And West Virginia To Settle

It appears that West Virginia and the Big East will have to settle their lawsuits according to a set of attorneys that reviewed the cases.

Big East, West Virginia Ordered To Enter Non-Binding Mediation

Rhode Island Superior Court judge Michael Silverstein has ordered the Big East and West Virginia University into non-binding mediation over the two sides' dueling lawsuits.

West Virginia's Motion To Dismiss Big East Suit Denied In Rhode Island Court

Rhode Island Judge Michael Silverstein denied West Virginia's motion to dismiss the Big East's lawsuit against the university.

Big East Won't Accept Buyouts From West Virginia, Pitt Or Syracuse, According To Report

The Big East does not plan on accepting any buyouts from Pittsburgh, Syracuse or West Virginia to leave the conference before the 27-month exit period expires.

Big East And West Virginia File Supplements To Support Their Legal Positions

On Dec. 21, both the Big East conference and West Virginia University provided supplements to their arguments as requested by Rhode Island Superior Court judge Michael Silverstein.

West Virginia Files Motion To Dismiss Big East Lawsuit

West Virginia filed a motion on Nov. 29 in Providence County Superior Court to dismiss the Big East's complaint against the school.

Louisville Coaches Telling Recruits They're Headed For The Big 12?

Are Louisville coaches telling football recruits that the Cardinals are headed for the Big 12?

Big East Files Countersuit Against West Virginia

Big East files countersuit against West Virginia.

West Virginia Big 12 Move Contingent on 2012 Availability?

Is West Virginia's Big 12 Move Contingent on 2012 Availability?

Conference Realignment: West Virginia To File Suit To Get Out Of Big East For 2012

According to Brett McMurphy with CBS Sports, West Virginia has informed the Big East that it will file suit to get out of the 27-month waiting period that Big East bylaws currently call for in the...

Big East Statement on West Virginia Going to the Big 12

The Big East issued a statement today concerning West Virginia's exit to the Big 12: This move by West Virginia does not come as a surprise.  League officials, members of our conference and the...

Conference Realignment: Big 12 To Take West Virginia, Stay At Ten Teams

According to CBS' Brett McMurphy, the Big 12 voted this morning to invite (again) West Virginia. After some talk of a compromise where perhaps both West Virginia and Louisville would be invited,...

West Virginia to Big XII When Missouri Leaves

The latest rumor is that West Virginia is going to the Big XII once Missouri leaves.

Notre Dame "Continues to Monitor the Landscape"

Notre Dame's response to a possible Big 12 move for Olympic sports is that the Notre Dame "continues to monitor the landscape"

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