Kenner League Week Two recap

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Big East Coast Bias' DevonTe Brooks attended some of Kenner League to give you a recap of what happened over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

Big East Coast Bias is providing you coverage of the Georgetown Hoyas' annual Kenner League, and while I was not able to see the full slate, this is what I gathered from my time there from each player who participated.

D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera - In both games this weekend, D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera scored over 20 points and did a good job on both ends of the floor. Smith-Rivera was able to find a balance between being a scorer and getting his fellow teammates involved in the game. So far in the Kenner League, he has been very impressive despite a few slow starts.

Bradley Hayes - Bradley Hayes played well on Saturday and was one of the most impressive players on the floor. It appears to me that his determination to improve on the hook shot that he has worked on since the end of last season is starting to provide results. On Sunday, he came back to earth finishing with just nine points, but his aggressiveness should have the coaching staff very happy.

Trey Mourning - Mourning had a decent showing this weekend, finishing with five points and six rebounds on Saturday. While he was not as consistent as I would have liked, he did show flashes of improvement in his mid-range shooting. Though this was true, he did seem to rely on and force the perimeter shot and not go with what was working best for him at the time.

L.J. Peak - Peak was the man of the weekend, dominating with an aggressive style that had fans very excited throughout. Peak scored more than 30 on Saturday and more than 20 points on Sunday, showing off the fact that while he is nothing short of an athletic freak of nature, he has serious abilities on the floor, as well.

Issac Copeland - Playing on the same team as Peak and former Georgetown Hoya Jeff Green, Copeland displayed his inside and outside game and continued to show how smooth his game can be when he's running on all cylinders.

Paul White - White is a player that can fit well into Georgetown system. And while he can do all the little things, I would like for him to be as aggressive as possible on offense because he has the ability to do so. White finished the game with nine points this weekend, only playing on Saturday.

Tre Campbell - Finally, Tre Campbell was really aggressive and looked better than he did last weekend. He is really growing as a player since high school and it's beginning to be visible to everyone else. The point guard is just an attacker and has a mid-range game also. On Sunday, he finished the game with 16 points in a lost to On Point.

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