2015 Georgetown Hoya commit talks EYBL and more

Rob Carr

Marcus Derrickson was the first 2015 commit for Georgetown

2015 Marcus Derrickson was the first commitment of the 2015 class, then it was followed by Noah Dickerson and Jessie Govan. Derrickson had a wonderful junior season at Paul VI and he has improved since Big East Coast Bias saw him play, which was at the WCAC championship against Dematha high school in Maryland.

Derrickson was a strong piece to his team winning two championships. Paul Vi won WCAC championship and VISAA Division 1 titles. During that stretch, Derrickson was a huge part to his team winning those two championships. Derrickson did make First-team All-met, which was a huge accomplishment for him, but he couldn't have done that without the help of his teammates. Team Takeover made a stop down in Hampton, VA for EYBL session 3 and I had a chance to talk to Derrickson about the team and what he thinks.

"This is no excuse but we didn't have our players the first session," said Derrickson. "Some people had never played at the EYBL level and that's a different pace then everything you've played in, high school and everything. So people had to adjust and next tournament and went 3-1 and this tournament hopefully go 4-0."

Takeover did not exceed the expectations that Derrickson had and I assume that the whole team had. Takeover went 2-2 with wins against Mac Irvin and Albany City Rocks. Takeover loss to Team CP3, but they did make a huge comeback and the game went to wire. Takeover also loss to Mokan Elite, who was hitting the ball from behind the arc like crazy. It was unbelievable and the media was shock .

Derrickson played well because he averaged 8.25 points and 8 rebounds in all the games that Team Takeover played. Derrickson has a lot of skill and can do a lot. Derrickson has a good perimeter shot and during EYBL so far that's what he has been doing. He is trying to improve that skill, which can translate for his senior season for Paul VI.

"Just keep working," said Derrickson. "I am trying to work more in to the [small forward or power forward] but in order for me to do that I have to show the ability to guard more out on the perimeter and stuff like that, so I am going to get there. "

Derrickson has a very good relationship with the other 2015 commits. In 2015, Derrickson will be playing with Dickerson, Govan, and more. Those are his future teammates and he spoke on how he feels about them and what he thinks.

"I have a real good relationship with both of them," said Derrickson. "I know Jessie growing up we always played against each other, he played with Lightning, we just always knew them. Noah, I visited up at Georgetown with him on an unofficial visit for Midnight Madness and we had a good time, we gelled pretty good."

(Credit to Hoyas247 for allowing Big East Coast Bias to use the quotes. Give Hoyas247 a follow on twitter and check out their website as well.)

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