Q&A with Georgetown Recruit Noah Dickerson

Mitchell Layton

Noah Dickerson, a top high school basketball prospect, "sat down" with me to discuss recruitment among other things.

Noah Dickerson is a 6’8" Center for Montverde Academy, the number one high school basketball team in the nation, according to USA Today Sports. The junior from Atlanta is ranked by ESPN as a four-star prospect and the 33rd best player in the 2015 Class.

Q: When did you start playing basketball?

-I started playing basketball when I was around 12 years old. Football was my first sport and I needed a sport in the winter. I played basketball, but I didn't play organized basketball. I sort of played organized basketball because I needed something to keep myself in shape for the football season, so I just picked up basketball.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a basketball player?

-I would describe myself, I guess, as an okay one. I like to stick around the post and around the basket. My jump shot has improved greatly and my ball handling skills have improved greatly, so that’s bringing a different aspect to my game because now I’m turning into a face-off guy now, not just a power guy.

Q: What colleges have you visited?

-I have visited Georgia, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, Georgetown and Florida.

Q: What colleges have given you offers?

-There’s like 28 of them, that’s going to take forever (laughs). There’s a lot of them, i’m sorry.

Q: What is your interest level in those colleges?

-I don't really have have a top college, i’m just going into the summer, just keeping my mind open for any college, and just see how it plays out.

Q: Who is recruiting you from each college?

-From Ohio State, it’s Coach Dickerson. We are not related. From Georgetown, it’s Coach Kevin, he’s also great guy. From Florida there’s Coach Burno, and he is actually really really good friends with my best friends dad. Georgia Tech, Coach Dollar, mostly, but mostly all the coaches call me all the time. That school is actually like two exits away from my house in Atlanta, so I go there now all the time. At Georgia, it is Coach Hayes.

Q: What will be the biggest factor when making your college commitment?

-Probably the college’s style of play. I want a college that plays the game through their big man. Also, a school that can develop me the right way, and have done it in the past, and they have people that can play like me.

Q: What team will you be playing for this summer?

-The Georgia Stars

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