Seton Hall looks to upset Villanova, do they have a chance?


The Seton Hall Pirates are in a desperate need for some huge wins. With a game against Villanova slated for tonight, do the Pirates have a snowballs chance in tropical weather?

Let's get the semantics out of the way first. Villanova has been a pleasant surprise this season. Unless you are a true glass half-full type of person or happen to think Choco Stuff Cereal is a legitimate substitute for the great and powerful Count Chocula, chances are you didn't expect the Wildcats to be 20-2 to start the year good. That and you need some help.

Then there is Seton Hall. Who, at best, is a team that can keep games compelling right up until the moment you believe they might be good, but right before they rip out your hearts like they were Jason Vorhees. If Jason were a big fan of blue and white, that is.

So, does Seton Hall have a chance to beat the sixth ranked team in the country tonight? Well, define the word chance. If your meaning of the word is something along the lines of a puncher's chance, then of course they do. If you happen to fall more along the lines of chance meaning a logical theory or some form of educated guess that you came up with using algorithms, maths and the mating of unicorns and lobsters -- again, get some help.

Okay. Enough of all the unnecessary roundabout gibber-jabber.

Stars to Watch For

Using the term "stars" loosely here, but screw semantics.

Seton Hall: We are going to go with Fuquan Edwin here. Not so much because we think he is all that and a bag of chips (we think of him as that as well), but because he didn't play in Seton Hall's last meeting against the Wildcats. Neither did Gene Teague and Aaron Geramipoor for that matter, but the Pirates will need Edwin to not only match his 14.3 points per game but probably score a little over his average.

Nova: Ryan Arcidiacono, right? Right. I mean why not? Arcidiacono scored 14 points in their last meeting. He also has the ability to go bonkers and put up 20 in any game. It doesn't mean that is a likelihood but there is a shot. It would be a good idea for the Pirates to target Ryan I-Have-A-Lot-Of-Vowels-O and keep him contained.

Random Prediction

The power WILL stay on.

More of a Game Related Prediction

A game of basketball will be played by two teams. Where players will hurl a ball towards a hoop in an attempt to save mankind.

Okay. Enough Jerk. Does Seton Hall Win?

No. Had to keep pushing for an answer, ya fictional jerk.

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