2010 Big East Quarterback Positive Impact Factor

CINCINNATI OH - DECEMBER 04: Tino Sunseri #12 of the Pittsburgh Panthers throws the ball during the Big East Conference game against the Cincinnati Bearcats at Nippert Stadium on December 4 2010 in Cincinnati Ohio. Pittsburgh won 28-10. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

With the 2011 season approaching, BECB wanted to look back at how quarterbacks performed last year using the Positive Impact Factor (what's this?). First, we'll look at how the starting quarterbacks in the Big East ranked in 2010.

There were 130 quarterbacks ranked in the FBS by the Positive Impact Factor (PIF) last year (a minimum average of 14 touches [pass attempts, rush attempts, or receptions] per game were needed to make the list). Click here to see the full list.


Big East Positive Impact Factor Rankings 2010
National Rank QB Team Touches Total TD Neg Play XNeg Play XPos Play PIF
34. Tino Sunseri Pittsburgh 399 18 37.3 14.6 4.5 52.5
56. Geno Smith West Virginia 478 24 34.9 23.9 5 46.2
66. Zach Collaros Cincinnati 504 30 39.3 22.7 6 44
67. Zach Frazer Connecticut 290 5 48.3 9.6 1.7 43.8
79. B.J. Daniels South Florida 357 16 35.6 27.3 4.5 41.6
84. Adam Froman Louisville 255 13 39.2 26 5.1 39.9
93. Chas Dodd Rutgers 285 11 52.3 14 3.9 37.8
116. Ryan Nassib Syracuse 425 20 46.6 25.4 4.7 32.7

To give you a feel for the range during the 2010 season, Auburn's Cam Newton led the country with a PIF of 70.4 while Temple's Mike Gerardi was dead last with an 8.2.

Zach Collaros led the Big East in total touchdowns and produced them at the highest rate as well at 6%. Tennessee's Tyler Bray was the cutoff for last season in the Top Ten in touchdown production rate at 7.38%. Collaros had 17 turnovers which also led the Big East. Nobody was worse in the Big East at making positive things happen than Chas Dodd of Rutgers (keep in mind how bad the offensive line was though). On 52.3% of his touches last season, an incompletion, sack or fumble occurred. Despite racking up the third most touchdowns in the Big East, Ryan Nassib of Syracuse also accumulated 13 turnovers last season along with a high rate of negative plays. That combination landed him in last place in the league.

Thirty-one times last season quarterbacks recorded a perfect PIF game (PIF of 100) or a PIF Plus game (PIF of 100+). Four of those games were recorded Big East quarterbacks: B.J. Daniels had a PIF of 104 against Cincinnati in South Florida's 38-30 win; Zach Collaros had a 100 rating against Miami University in Cincinnati's 45-3 win; Adam Froman was perfect in Louisville's 56-0 destruction of Memphis and Justin Burke had a perfect PIF game against Rutgers in Louisville's 40-13 victory.

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